Save your cash…

Was thinking about buying one of those dry herb vaporizers so I could run around town taking tokes whenever I felt like it.  Whats the harm right?  Apparently, most people give a shit and those things look a little obvious so I’ve decided to find an alternative to disguise my evil doing.  I have an ecigarette that I purchased from Tru Smoke a while back to try and quit.  You know, the ones that look like a real cig.  Thought it would be the best device to mod to cover up smoking weed in public.  Looks just like a real ciggy.  They have an ecigarette flavor cartridge that you can easily mod to fit a little 1-3 hit nug.  You don’t need to use a lighter and draw attention to yourself as the atomizer burns the pot for you.  You just take a drag and get a hit.  Simple, fast, and effective!

e cigs and weed

Welcome back, e cigs and weed weed-e-cigs. I am going to be reviewing different e cig mod kits, diy yourself e cig mods and of course vaping weed it them. You put your weeeeed in it!

Thats right, you can turn your e cig into a handy portable vaporizer, yes you can. You put your weed in it!

So why would you do this? Common sense right? Its discrete, just load it up at home and step out.  You can keep it in your bag, car pocket whatevers and puff whenever you want.  Your out at the bar, step out puff puff and know one knows, you dont come back smelling like a dirty roach.

If you smoke weed why wouldnt you? Yes thats right, I can see you in your car sparking the bowl, it light up your face and obviously isnt a cigarette.  Especially when you pass it to the dude next to you.  Put your weed in the e cig and you can puff just about anywhere.  It just looks like your smoking an e cig, you cant jsut walk around with a bong in your face.

I do this all the time, except once i forgot(for obvious reasons)  and gave it to a friend who thought it was an e cig, ooops, he ate a lot that night.  Why cause your self the stress and paranoia of trying to chief outside your house?  Make a travel vape out of an e cig and forget the hassle.  If your gonna smoke do this, dont right smoking a joint or a bowl in a car where obvious.  Be discrete, get your high on and no one knows..

My first diy and review coming, just remeber e cigs and weed.  you PUT your WEED in it!

Welcome Everyone!

This is our fist post on the Ecigarette Mod Kits site.  This will be the first but many more will follow.  Tell everyone about us and come back soon.